About ITTE

I.T.T.E. College under the aegis of Shree Ram Krishna Educational Mission Society. Registered under the Societies Act, 1860, continues to build on its reputation as a premier group of Institution and has now established campus offering different courses in the area of Education. In future we are planning to offering some other courses in the field of Management, Information Technology .Law etc. ...I.T.T.E was established in 2012 with the avowed objectives of following and propagating the message and teaching of tenth Sikh Guru Shree Guru Govind Singh ji that the “spread of Gyan is the highest service to mankind” which can be best achieved through specialized and quality education.I.T.T.E dedicates itself to achieve its vision, mission and objective through academic excellence in all spheres of knowledge. The managing society spread over 5 acres of fully developed institutional land in Gorakhpur, has a lush green campus with modern infrastructure and excellent academic aura. In line with its vision and mission, the campus has been designed and developed with great sense of aesthetic to provide eco friendly envoirment and ambience to stimulate the hunger for learning .The collage is located in the national highway 29 Gorakhpur Sonauli road less than five kilometres from Gorakhpur city. As a temple of Education this collage aims at producing world class Teachers, academicians, and leaders in all sphere of life by embedding in its student high values, commitment to excellence, and zeal for incessant pursuit of knowledge. Apart from this, intensive personality development and mentorship programmes are offered by the collage to mould its students in to competitive human resource and inquisitive mind. The Campus is like an article faith at I.T.T.E. The vividly colourful campus complements the intense Academic environment in the class room which enhance the overall experience of students. A walk across the length of campus would present many different hues and colour such as a range of extracurricular activities and co curricular activities, Student hanging out discussing life, studies, carrier, politics, sports etc. Everyone gets exposure to a variety of social, cultural & intellectual recreation opportunities .Such experiences enrich the lives of students and help them to discover their full potential. Student learns the art of managing people, resources and process as well as handling uncertainties. The bouquet of facilities and service available on the campus lubricates the functioning of this very large machine and make life easy for students living far from home.

Secratary Message

Thank you for expressing an interest in studying at IT.T.E. We know that there are a lot of Institutes and Colleges competing for your attention. Many will be offering similar Program, so what can I.T.T.E. offer you? We had commenced with one Program in Teachers Training (Diploma in Elementary Education D.EL.ED./ B.T.C.) In the year 2012-13 and our expertise, in developing and delivering curriculum has evolved over the years with strong Teachers training interface. ...I.T.T.E. Is known for its philosophy, processes, academic resources and infrastructural facilities. Teachers training interface is intrinsically interfaced with all our academic systems and the expectations are met through academic rigour and hands on experiences. Towards our philosophy of producing professionals who pioneer future revolution, our efforts are aimed at higher benchmarks and process of refinement. Over the last couple of years, I.T.T.E has established itself as a B.ed. Collage also. Through progressive management and realistic vision for the future. I.P.E.M has been recognized as an institute that adds immense intellectual, cultural and professional energy to the students on a continuous basis. Having established ourselves and having gained the confidence and support of all faculties and students we aim to design programmes to cater the need of education field. Our experiences of more than a decade have helped us to inculcate capacity in our students to be ready products to meet higher order challenges. Be it furthering academic pursuits or employability in the corporate world, the transformation is seamless. We welcome you to I.T.T.E. and invite you to be the part of the revolution. .